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Written by Dirk Schoup at Thursday 25 January 2018, 11:09 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Hello, I have a friend that is a member and just wanted to check out the website to learn more about the clubto see if it might be a good fit.
Written by Kathy-Ann Mayfield at Sunday 11 June 2017, 19:50 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Hello, I am a CO Homes for Heroes Affiliate that is sponsoring a Bike run with Avalanche Harley Davidson in Golden, CO on July 1st. Its our 1st Honoring Heroes with Harleys Bike Run to say Thank you for your Service, honoring Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Healthcare/EMS and Teachers. The registration and flyer is available at www.honoringheroeswithharleys.ezregister.com and my website is kathyannservesheroes.com This will be a fun community event to give thanks to those who serve! Hope to see your there!! Please call me with any questions at 303-880-0220.
Written by Jeremy Gordon at Saturday 27 May 2017, 18:41 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I used to be a firefighter but my department closed due to hard times. I want to join to get back into a brotherhood. I miss the comradaty. I don't know if you have a chapter near me or not but I would still like to know more on how to join
Written by Brandon King at Saturday 15 April 2017, 12:02 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I am Money's son and interested in prospecting. I've ridden several times with AGMC and would really look forward to being a part of this club. Please send the info that I need to get started.
Written by April McCracken at Wednesday 12 April 2017, 04:43 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I am reaching out to you to ask a favor of you! I am an advocate of many things but my question to you is in one area of my advocacy. I am the Administrator of NE for the Family Court Reform NE as well as Nebraska Families Matter, April's Army of Angels and Family Law Reform etc there are many of groups. I have been made in charge of NE. Ok SOO September 18th we are having a Million Parent March/Million Parent Biker Run in Washington DC. It is NOT a protest it is nothing but friendly! We are going for law reform that will stop the illegal child trafficking that is state sanctioned for profit from the Social Security Act Title IV-B,D&E. This is in support of children and families! We are camping over the weekend then having a sit in on the 17th, the 18th(most important to attend) is the run/march and the 19th is an opportunity to meet with our state legislatures. If you would be interested in meeting with them on any topic I'm more than happy to get an appointment scheduled. My fiancé has a bike but as far as groups go I really am unaware so I am just googling NE clubs and reaching out. If you can be of any assistance it would be HUGELY appreciated! You can also find me on Facebook April McCracken. Thank you! God Bless!
Written by Chandra Ortiz at Sunday 9 April 2017, 07:32 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I am an attorney, my husband is a member and I am interested in joining his chapter NY-11B.
Written by Tim at Friday 17 March 2017, 18:25 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Are there any chapters in the south jersey area? Sounds like a good club.
Written by Charlie at Friday 10 March 2017, 09:27 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I'm interested in your MC. Would like more info. I reside in NC and your 12A chapter is closest to me.
Written by Karen at Sunday 5 March 2017, 14:04 Email Browser IP Address Location 
My fiance and I have recently moved to Lady Lake Fl.We were looking for a club to join together. I'm in the health field and my fiance recently retired. This looks like an awesome club. I've seen members riding in Stuart Fl. Do you have chapters in Lady Lake or close surrounding area?
Written by Eric Webb at Tuesday 7 February 2017, 00:50 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I would like to meet the guys from the Hicksville, N.Y. Chapter
My email is Interested in the club. I'm a 9 year Navy Veteran. Thank you
Written by Chrome at Sunday 6 November 2016, 10:44 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Recently discovered your web site, read through everything presented. The AGMC sounds like a perfect fit for myself.
Ride Safe, Ride Free
Written by Bandit at Saturday 15 October 2016, 16:44 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Great meeting some you tonight in ardmore, ride safe. continue the mission.
Written by Jamie Gassett at Friday 2 September 2016, 07:43 Email Browser IP Address Location 
hello I was looking at different MC's in the Colorado springs area and came across your site. after reading all the information and talking with my wife I decided that your group is the best fit for me. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan but would like to see what needs to be done for myself to become a member. If you could please contact me so that I can become a member of a group that can make a difference. I also have a couple more soldiers that would like to become members as well. Thank You and have a Blessed day
Written by Stash's Cafe at Sunday 17 July 2016, 11:12 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Saturday, July 23, 2016, Stash's Cafe, 95 Pequot Avenue, New London, CT, Will Be Sponsoring A Charity Poker Run For The CT Children's Burn Camp. Co-Hosted By The Raging Knights Fire Fighters MC.
Registration Starts at 10am at Stash's Cafe, 95 Pequot Avenue, New London, CT. Return is No Later Than 3pm To Stash's Cafe. Following The Run Is A Pig Roast/ BBQ Party. Two Bands. And Lots of Fun......Join Us in Helping The Innocent Burn Victims - The Children.
Prizes Include: $2500 Custom Paint Job, $750 Casino Package, $125 Tattoo, Many More....
Written by Paster David Brenon at Saturday 28 May 2016, 18:27 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I like the sound of this group, would like to know more , and I would like to see what it takes to join.
Written by Sherrie at Tuesday 8 March 2016, 00:56 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Hi, I ran upon your site by accident. I was curious, so I clicked on it and was amazed by what I read! There not a chapter close to me, however, I'd like more information on your club. I am a member of CMA & Patriot Heart Riders. I have never served our country, but my Daddy, Pop,brother , nephew, and son inlaw, among many friends have. If I can't be a part of your club, if like to get emails so that maybe I (we) might be able to ride with you and stand beside you in this journey together.
Lokking forward to hearing from you.
Sherrie Mor
Written by David "5 barrels" Ladman at Sunday 21 February 2016, 13:59 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I met you guys & gals @ a legion club run in Omaha,Ne. Last summer. I am wanting to join your club. Been having a problem with getting anyone to respond. Please advise. Respectfully:D
Written by Rowe Palmer at Wednesday 17 February 2016, 05:18 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Just looking into other clubs. Prior Marine for 8 yrs. and currently National Guard MP
Written by Fred Nelson at Monday 11 January 2016, 12:33 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Heard a rumor your club is coming to Spearfish, SD this summer. Let us know if we can do anything to help out. http://www.ALRBlackHills.org
Written by Herman Stukes Jr. at Monday 9 November 2015, 12:40 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I was informed of the MC by a Retired Police Officer, from Tx. Tks Van23...
Written by James at Monday 24 August 2015, 09:34 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I found your site looking for something different in a club. I am a stay-at-home father or 3. I am a mid west born conservative who supports our 2nd amendment rights and I'm active in my community and local support groups. I'd love to get more info on membership opportunities in my area here in Iowa. God speed and safe riding!!
Written by Jeff at Sunday 19 July 2015, 21:53 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I just wanted to give a big thank you to your Omaha chapter for coming out to our American Legion Riders Chapter 32 Papillion poker run on July 18th. They helped support a great charity, American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. Those funds help dependents of our military men and women who have been killed since 9 / 11 go to college.
Written by Jim Branch at Tuesday 14 July 2015, 08:47 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I know some of your members and you guys and gals are awesome. I am a member of The American Iron Riders or I would join your group...good luck and ride safe.
Written by Glenn Mutchler at Saturday 23 May 2015, 15:39 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I am a retired police chief. I am interested in this MC. Do you have a chapter in my area? M
Written by Raven Black at Thursday 14 May 2015, 05:02 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I work with Missing Warrior Alert. We need people who are willing to search for missing vets all over the country. Right now, we specifically need people in Hayward County, NC. Closest big city is Gatlinburg, Tn. Could someone please contact me asap.
Written by Russell Hale at Thursday 26 February 2015, 15:44 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Enjoyed your site. I'm looking for an MC to be a part of that holds sacred the value of selfless service. I'd love to talk with someone from the 8C chapter to learn more and determine if your club is the right one. VOCATI AD SERVITIUM

Written by greg martin at Monday 22 December 2014, 11:30 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Saw a member wanted to say hi I'm Lantern with SF/MC SAA
Written by Layne at Sunday 9 November 2014, 09:41 Email Browser IP Address 
I just wanted to leave a little note here about how nice a couple of your members were to me and my mom in Oklahoma today, between mcAlester and Antlers helping direct us to the nearest gas station! They were very friendly and helpful, which was much appreciated!
Written by Officer JW Wolfe at Friday 7 November 2014, 06:14 Email Browser IP Address Location 
My name is Officer JW Wolfe with the East Spencer Police Department in North Carolina. I am putting together a ride for one of our officers who's wife is paralyzed after a vehicle crash. Our Officer's name is Officer David Conard and his wife is Randi. All of the money raised will be going toward the Conard family to renovate their house to make it more handicap accessible. The ride will be leaving Tilly's Harley Davidson at 653 Bendix Drive Salisbury North Carolina on November 15, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. and ending at the East Spencer Police Department. Registration starts at 10:00 a.m. $20.00 a bike, $5.00 a passenger. Can you please get this information to you Winston Salem Chapter?
Written by Jay Basgall at Thursday 9 October 2014, 15:36 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I just wanted to say thank you to the American Guardians that supported my cousin through the loss of his father. It was an amazing, heartwarming site to see chapters of AG represented at the viewing and funeral. I would be honored to be associated with such caring people.
Written by bob at Thursday 18 September 2014, 23:34 Email Browser IP Address Location 
My wife and I are both nurses and are looking to join this type of MC. We want to be a part of something good and meaningful. Do you have a chapter in CT?
Written by Nacole at Saturday 14 June 2014, 07:25 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Old Settlers Bug Run and Benefit Ride.
June 28th @ 3 pm at Billingsley Ford in Lawton, OK. Ends at mt. Park old settlers festival with vendors, food, live bands, and good family fun. Cash prize for bike with most bugs on headlamp. email or call with additonal needed info,
Written by Jeff at Wednesday 26 March 2014, 18:11 Email Browser IP Address Location 
On June 1st 2014 the Sentinels MC will be hosting its 9th annual Thin Blue Line Ride at the Denver Fraternal Order of Police Building. Registration will begin at 9am and is $25 for a single Rider, $30 if you have a passenger and includes lunch.
There will be raffles, music and of course a ride to the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial for a service to recognize those that have fallen in the line of duty, as well as a short ride back the FOP building before lunch.
We look forward to you joining us this year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding our ride this year.

Sentinels MC 9th Annual Thin Blue Line Memorial Wall Run
Sunday June 1st 2014
Denver Fraternal Order of Police Building
Registration begins at 9 am Located at:
2701 W 84th Ave, Westminster, CO

Jeff “Jefe” Toback
Sentinels MC
Mother Chapter Road Captain

Written by SFC (RET) Nakima Geimausaddle (Gimme-A-Saddle) at Monday 3 March 2014, 14:59 Email Browser IP Address Location 
I am a Native American- Lady veteran who is the daughter of veterans, an army veteran, who is also the mother of three more veterans. Our organization is hosting a poker ride to raise funds for a program that will aid veterans and their spouses in the battle against PTSD. The veent is set for April 5th in the LAwton, OK area (Geronimo, OK)
It is our hope that your organization will be interested in coming out and helping us to have a successful event. In addition to the poker run we'd like to have a bike show, and we will set up our tipi and have Native American drumming, food, and raffles.
If you are interested in helping us support veterans call: 580-585-2395
Written by Chuck Cerveny at Sunday 2 February 2014, 19:15 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Enjoyed meeting P-nut, Bull, the Nat'l. Pres. Meat, and the ladies at the bike show. Looking forward to meeting other AGMC members. Already started my application. Even my wife approves, which is no easy task!
Written by Tom [Cruiser] Lawson BGMCC at Sunday 27 October 2013, 02:19 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Hello fellow Guardians , just to update my brothers & sisters we now have 7 members here in the uk . 4 here in Edinburgh and 3 new members in Bury near Manchester England and we also have a few more people interested in our club , which is great news, we hope this will increase when the new rallly season starts in the new year, so we will endevere to keep you all updated in our progress , Many Thanks and ride safe Cruiser
Written by Tom Cruiser Lawson at Wednesday 20 March 2013, 05:51 Email Browser IP Address Location 
just want to say hello to my fellow Guardians across the pond i am the first long rider here in the UK i hope to be able to build your International chapter here over the next few years , and i wish to say a big thanks to Dave lofty tailor and Beerman for making this posssible i hope to come over next year and meet you all , all the very best , Tom
Written by Jason Epling at Thursday 20 December 2012, 17:56 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Have a group of guys looking to start a club. All are either LE, FF, EMS, or vets. Looking at a couple clubs right now and found your site. I am in Afghanistan for about 6 more months. We decided to get things rolling when I return. The chapter would be in the Vero Beach FL area...less than 2 hours from Daytona Beach. I would like to know more about your club so I can pass it on to the others for their consideration.
Written by Chris Smith at Thursday 11 October 2012, 19:17 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Just checking site out. There is a new chapter here in Madill and I'm thinking about joining
Written by Bob Robetor at Thursday 20 September 2012, 13:02 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Would love to hear from someone or let us know where we can find you. Really would like to become members of a great club that stands for goodness. God bless everyone
Written by Brady at Friday 14 September 2012, 07:14 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Do you have a chapter near Marrienville, PA? The reason I ask is that I was recently laid my bike over and they witnessed it, and they were in the scene helping my wife and I immediately. I could not have asked for nice people, and I just wanted to Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
Written by bob robetor at Sunday 9 September 2012, 14:51 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Would like to know if we are going to hear from anyone. Have a few buddy would like to be members
Written by Bob Robetor at Thursday 6 September 2012, 13:07 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Would like to become a member you are what I'm looking for
Written by Mike fryman at Saturday 18 August 2012, 17:51 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Trying to fill out the membership form on the site but it redirects to a terms of use page and I can never fill it out.
Written by Gayle Sanders at Tuesday 3 July 2012, 08:03 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Thanks to AG VA10! They donated 40+ cases of water for unsheltered homeless men and women living in tents to a group of formerly homeless volunteers. Visit their page on Facebook and see pictures of the Heat Wave Outreach Days at http://Facebook.com/AfterShare Thanks guys!!
Written by Stroker at Thursday 14 June 2012, 12:43 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Just stopped by to check out your web sight and pay some respect. Good to see another club that miors are own club V-Twin Cruisers MC.
Written by Mickey at Thursday 17 May 2012, 07:14 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Is your membership open to men and women and all makes of bikes? What are the qualifications for membership and Where is the midwests closest chapter?
Written by Aquila Electa 1%er Brotherhood at Wednesday 16 May 2012, 22:40 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Nice Homepage,like the idea behind your club.
Take care.

Aquila Electa Veterans
Written by Barry Tharp at Saturday 12 May 2012, 01:26 Email Browser IP Address Location 
Looking at clubs that combine Military, Police and Fire.
Written by LGR Motorsports at Thursday 26 April 2012, 10:56 Email Browser IP Address Location 
They There,

LGR Motorsports, Durham's newest motorcycle parts, accessories and service facility would like to invite you to come by and check us out. LGR (Lets Go Ride) is operated by Dwane Byrd, formally of Kawasaki Suzuki of Durham. We are located at 2525 E, Hwy 70 in the Aldridge Durham Saw and Mower building, right across the street from the old Kawasaki/Suzuki building. We look forward to seeing you! (919)908-9564

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